A business is any organization or enterprising entity engaged in commercial, industrial, or professional activities. Businesses range in size and scope from sole proprietorships to large corporations. They may be for-profit entities aiming to maximize profits or non-profit organizations fulfilling a social mission. The term business is also used to refer to a particular occupation or trade:

The primary goal of any business is to earn money and profit. This can be achieved by producing or purchasing and selling goods or services. Business can also be a way to satisfy human needs, such as providing income, achieving a sense of accomplishment, or satisfying psychological or emotional needs.

In general, a business should produce and sell its products at a higher price than what it costs to manufacture or purchase the raw materials. This surplus is known as a margin or profit. A successful business will make a margin that is high enough to compensate for the initial investment and to cover operating expenses.

To be considered a business, an activity should be undertaken on a regular basis and not just for one-time sales or exchanges. A person who bakes pastries and cakes for sale in a local bakery on a daily basis is conducting a business, but an individual who sells their old car through OLX is not conducting a business. A business is not required to be profitable, but it must meet certain legal requirements to be considered a valid enterprise in most countries.

When writing a business article, it’s important to know your audience. This will determine your writing style, which can be formal or conversational. For example, if you are writing for a company’s management team, it will be appropriate to use a more formal tone.

Having your business article proofread by a colleague can help ensure that it’s free of typos and grammatical errors. In addition, it can provide a fresh set of eyes to look at the text and identify any potential issues with wording, syntax, or sentence structure.

A business article should contain concise sentences to improve readability and maintain the attention of readers. It’s also a good idea to avoid using buzzwords and industry jargon, which can be confusing for the reader. In addition, it’s helpful to include a short list of keywords that can be searched for on search engines.

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